AllerQuest LLCDedicated to the development of skin testing reagents for the diagnosis of penicillin allergy
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The founders of AllerQuest are authorities in the field of penicillin drug allergy testing. We have published numerous scientific papers on this topic and have been active in the research and development of these reagents.

We are scientists, physicians, and pharmaceutical manufacturing experts in the field of penicillin drug allergy testing.

Biographical Sketches of AllerQuest Management

  • Louis M. Mendelson, M.D. - President and CEO
  • Charlotte Ressler, PhD - Senior Vice-President, Research and Development
  • N. Franklin Adkinson, Jr., MD - Vice-President, Chief Medical Officer
  • James D. Wolfe, MD - Vice-President, Scientific Affairs
  • Richard Bauer, PhD, MBA - Associate Vice-President, Director of Regulatory Affairs & COO

    Professional Advisors for AllerQuest, LLC:

  • Henry Elstein, ESQ. - Elstein & Elstein Attorneys at Law
  • Michael J. Caruso, CPA - Barron, Yanaros & Caruso Certified Public Accounts
  • Sudhakar S. Wagle, Ph.D.
  • Michael J. Pikal, Ph.D.

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